A message from our Founder and General Manager:
“Music is one of the most divine forms of artistic expression and one of the most powerful tools of our first amendment. Music has the ability to break down barriers of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language and socio-economic constructs to bring people together for a common good under a common cause. It is our mission to create a safe space where art can thrive and where people from all walks of life can stand side by side united by art and music. From the moment a customer purchases their ticket, to the time our patron is exiting the venue, our goal is to create memories that will last a lifetime¬†and an entertainment experience where both patron and artist get the attention they deserve. ¬†We are a community of music and art lovers. Welcome to The Clyde, where we LET ART THRIVE!”
– Rick Kinney



In 1949, Clyde Quimby commissioned architect A.M. Strauss to draw up plans for the Clyde Theatre at Quimby Village in Fort Wayne, IN. Opening on April 19th, 1951, as a 1782 seat movie theatre, the Clyde was bustling with patrons as the regions premier movie house serving citizens from all over Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio.

When Rick Kinney purchased the building in 2012, the majority of interior finishes had been stripped away by previous owners, leaving nothing but a shell of memories from a day long gone.

Today this art deco masterpiece has survived the test of time and consists of over 21,000 sq. ft. of floor space. The main performance hall, which has had all of its seats removed, will be utilized as a 2,150 capacity, general admission, multi-functional concert hall and special events center.

Due to a major contribution from Chuck and Lisa Surack of Sweetwater Music Instruments & Pro Audio, over $7,500,000 has been invested to renovate the venue into a mix use concert hall and event center. A 7,000 sq ft dressing room and artists hospitality wing, state of the art sound/light system, stage extension, backstage production loading docks and new box offices have been added to accommodate national touring artists. New HVAC, electrical, plumbing, finishes, acoustical plaster, roof and executive offices were also part of the recent renovation.

Our team will manage venue events including live concerts, film screenings, comedy acts and art gallery exhibitions. The Clyde Theatre will also provide rental and lease options to outside producers interested in hosting private or public events at the venue including weddings, receptions, corporate events and fundraisers.

Our lobby houses the main entryway for our performance hall and box office. The second story of the lobby will function as the VIP Gallery with box seating for live performance events and an art gallery that will compliment the first floor art exhibitions.