Street Team

The Clyde is looking for a dedicated team of music lovers to help us spread the word about our concerts and events. Join our street team and get exclusive freebies, access to concert events, and news before anyone else.


What is a Street Team?

Street teams are an integral part of event and concert marketing. Team members play the important role of spreading the word about our shows on a grassroots level. You’ll find our street team members at concerts passing out fliers, working our booth at events, and hanging posters at local shops. For all their hard work, street team members are rewarded with exclusive access, concert tickets, merchandise, and other freebies.

Who can join?

Our street team is reflective of our community and our culture. All are invited to join and we consider each one of them a member of The Clyde family. We need team members in Fort Wayne, Angola, Warsaw, Wabash, South Bend, Lafayette, Muncie… basically any city and town within a 120-mile radius of the venue.

What makes a good street team member?

If you are passionate about music, have a desire to create a vibrant and active arts and music scene in Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana, and are trustworthy and dependable - then you should absolutely join our team.

The Work:

Retail Locations – Once a month we ask our street team to hit their locations with fliers and posters. We recommend that members revisit the locations throughout the month to restock fliers and ensure posters are still hung. Locations are divvyed out by geographic location.

Events — When we host events, or when there are large events in the area, we ask our street team to be onsite to pass out fliers for our upcoming events.

Misc. – From assisting a national band with finding their way around town, to working merch tables at shows and everything in between; we lean on our street team for help.

Ideas – Our street team is passionate about arts, culture, and community. We look to them to educate us about important opportunities to engage our audience. They let us know about local and national talent that we should book at our venue, about events in the community that we should have a presence at, and more.