Venue Info

Our team at The Clyde Theatre is committed to providing all of our guests with outstanding musical and private event experiences. Our recent $9 million renovation has made a concerted effort to maintain the historic look and feel of the building while updating the experience with the most modern sound and lighting technology available. Whether you’re a casual concert goer, an experienced audiophile, lounging in our plush VIP Gallery or enjoying drinks from our historically renovated lobby bar, a night out at The Clyde won’t disappoint!

The Spectacle

The Clyde is home to the world’s top touring talent and our sound and light system, designed in collaboration with Sweetwater, consists of the highest quality gear on the market. When you visit The Clyde, you can be assured that your favorite artists will sound their absolute best – creating an evening to remember.


We don’t want anything to come between you and your opportunity to experience your favorite artist. That is why we offer conveniently located and plentiful bar service stations with quality products and outstanding service. Our large restrooms are clean and regularly serviced (we even have a separate vanity section in our women’s restroom to make looking your best easy!). We have a convenient outside smoking area for those who need to step outside for a bit. Again, all the details have been designed with our guests in mind!


The safety of our patrons is our highest priority. Our patrons can feel secure knowing that we have examined all opportunities to ensure their safety, including providing a highly lit and monitored parking lot and expertly trained security personnel. When you attend a show at The Clyde, all you need to worry about is how much fun you’re going to have!